• color or blk/wht photos
  • transparencies or slides
  • bendable art-- including:
    • canvas (off the strecher bars!)
    • paper
    • flexible board
    • **NOTE: No pastels or anything else that might flake off or crack when bent!**


  • smallest = 1" x 1"
  • largest = 18" x 22"
(*size of original, not final computer file.)


  • dots per inch ranging from 120dpi up to 400dpi
  • Scans are priced by the size of the final computer file.
**TIPS: to pick the right resolution (dpi) for your needs, make the final scan file the same size as it will be in your publication then the dpi should be twice as much as your line screen (lpi) (example: with a 150lpi for your publication, your scan resolution should be 300dpi). If there is a possiblity that you will have to enlarge your scan for ouput, then you can choose a resolution slightly higher than twice your lpi but not more than 2.5 times your lpi or you may run into problems outputing the file!**

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